Press Punching

A web press has the ability to punch file holes into printed products during the printing operation. Consider the following points when planning an application with press file hole punching:


  • Standard configurations are:
    – two holes, 2 3/4″ center to center, top or bottom of the application.
    – three holes, 4 1/4″ center-to-center on the left side of the application.
  • Configurations other than standard may have restrictions so it is best to consult the print provider for information on their capabilities.
  • Press punching is less expensive on larger runs due to the efficiency of printing and punching an application in one operation.


Bindery Punching

File holes may also be punched as a secondary or “off-line” operation in the bindery department. Consider the following points:


  • The standard configurations are the same as for the press punching.
  • There are no restrictions on non-standard punching configurations.
  • Bindery punching is more expensive on longer runs due to the additional labor involved in being an offline operation.


Punching Specifications

Specifications needed by your supplier:

  • Number of holes
  • Diameter size of the hole
  • Center to center measurement from hole to hole
  • Location of the holes on the printed product

3 holes – 1/4″ Diameter – 4 1/4″
center to center at the left

Note: it is also important to indicate if the holes are parallel to the depth or parallel to the width of the document.

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