Finishing | Scoring

ScoringDescription Scoring is the term applied to the process that places a crease in paper stocks and other substrates allowing the material to be folded. A score may be used […]

Finishing | Punching

PunchingPress Punching A web press has the ability to punch file holes into printed products during the printing operation. Consider the following points when planning an application with press file […]

Finishing | PS TAPE

PS TapeDescription Pressure Sensitive (PS) tape is occasionally applied to various printed products to allow part or all of a document to be attached to another document, folder, carton, package, […]


Finishing PerforationsDescription Perforations or “perfs” are generally classified for print specifications in one of two ways: 1) bursting strength or 2) TPI, which is commonly called either “Ties Per Inch” […]

Finishing | PADDING

Finishing PaddingSome printed applications are padded into tablets or booklets with the use of an adhesive applied to one edge of a group of sheets. Padding techniques are actually a […]

Finishing | NUMBERING

Finishing Numbering Consecutive Numbering Consecutive numbering changes sequentially from one document to the next. It can be used as a control feature to provide a distinct identity to each document. […]

Finishing | LAMINATING

Finishing LaminatingDescription Laminating is the process of applying a film to either one side or both sides of a printed document. The use of lamination serves several purposes: Lamination adds […]

Finishing | FOLDING

Finishing FoldingTypes of Folds Typically, there are only two basic types of folds: parallel and right-angle. Products containing parallel folds consist of folds that run parallel to each other. Right-angle […]


Foil StampingStandard Foils – Overview When a print project needs an elegant, non-tarnishing metallic finish to be applied to paper or a similar substrate, it’s easily accomplished using a process […]

Finishing | EMBOSING

EmbossingEmbossing Often used in combination with foil stamping, embossing is a process that applies pressure to the backside of a material to alter the surface, giving it a three dimensional […]

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