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Many people add security to their documents and then fail to provide a secure envelope for delivery of the document. There are several options for adding security to your envelopes. The sensitivity of the information being sent will determine what level of security you would want to add to your envelopes. Shown below are several options for adding security to your envelopes.

Inside Tinted Envelopes

Inside tinted envelopes are printed on the inside with a deflecting pattern. The pattern makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to be able to see thru the envelope and read the content within. The deflecting pattern helps protect sensitive information from being read by someone it is not intended for. There are standard and window envelopes available with an inside tint but it could be added to most any type of envelope as a custom feature.


Note: When ordering a window envelope that is used for a check or other negotiable documents, be sure “PAY TO THE ORDER OF” does not show through the window. This would indicate that there was a negotiable document enclosed. Also, be sure no other sensitive information shows through the window opening.


Heat Sensitive Envelopes

The use of heat reactive-irreversible ink helps provide a means of assuring that the seal of the envelope has not been tampered with by the use of heat or steam,protecting against access to the envelope’s content. The heat reactive ink is colorless when printed. When it is exposed to heat between 185°F (85°C) and 212°F (100°C), sharp color appears and does not disappear once the temperature is lowered. This ink is only available for use on dry offset presses.


Tamper-Evident Envelopes

Tyvek® Tamper-Evident – The Tyvek® envelopes have a special seal on them that indicates if the seal on these envelopes have been broken before the recipient receives the envelope. Once the sealed flap is opened, the words “OPENED” appear in the window on the flap. It cannot be resealed to hide the “OPENED” warning in the window.

Tamper-evident envelopes are used when the envelope content is material that is confidential, sensitive or valuable. The special seal will assure the recipient that the information has not been tampered with since it was sealed in the envelope.

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