Using special numbering features is another way of adding security to your document. The security numbering features shown below make it difficult or impossible for someone to duplicate your document without using the same technique used on the original document.


Bar Code Numbering

Bar code numbering is used on many types of applications to code and decode information automatically. It is a very accurate way of reading data quickly. It is also a way of adding security to identification type products. Bar codes are used on products such as, ID cards, membership cards, access control badges, visitor passes, season tickets, and other type of cards that need to be coded with information pertaining to the card holder. When the card is run through a card reader, it can instantly access information to help verify authorized use of the card. Bar codes should be used along with other security features because they can be duplicated on copiers or produced by software that is readily available and then printed on a standard printer. SeeĀ Bar CodingĀ for more information on bar codes.



Bleed Through MICR and Arabic Numbering

Bleed through numbering can be used on the MICR and/or arabic numbering. Bleed through numbering is printed in ink (or with a ribbon) that contains a red dye. The dye is absorbed into the paper 48 hours after being applied, and bleeds through to the back side of the document, forming a reverse image of the MICR and/or arabic number. When the document handler is aware of this feature it is very easy to check for authenticity. An alert to the handler should be present in the warning band. This is also a feature that is hard for a forger to duplicate, making it a good deterrent against counterfeiting.

Front View

Back View



Rainbow Numbering

Rainbow numbering is a special technique used on the consecutive arabic numbering that gives the number a rainbow appearance. This special feature would be hard to duplicate, making this a helpful deterrent in document fraud. Rainbow numbering should be used in combination with other security features.

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